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Village Mind is a mindfulness-based health + wellness community.

We've created a holistic approach to well-being with mindfulness at its core;


we call it mindful wellness.

We use mindful wellness to create connection in schools, corporate settings, private clubs + studios, and humans in general. Our programs curate a positive mindset in which individual actions are committed to the collective intention of engaging and empowering a culture of kind awareness and overall well-being.


By connecting the 5 elements of well-being (mind, body, gut, heart, and spirit),

we organically build awareness, strength, and energy from the inside out.
In a nutshell, we provide the tools necessary to practice a mindfully well and holistically healthy lifestyle.
This allows you to connect with yourself, so you're better able to connect with and care for your community.

Although the idea of a 'village mind' is centuries old, our Village is just laying its foundation. 

Since starting in 2017, we've already built a quickly growing mindful village,

empowered by an awesome community of mindful leaders and practitioners!
We're [typically] based in the D.C. metro area, 

but continue to grow a national (and international) Village through digital and remote relationships!


Alexandra Midland

Alexandra Midland


​​Village Mind's founder and Executive Director, Alexandra Midland, is leading the local movement toward holistic health and mindful wellness one breath at a time. Learn more about her journey and follow along for a glimpse into everyday mindfulness.

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